We are more Experienced

When we created Purchasing Power 12 years ago, we were the first benefit company to provide employees with the name-brand items they need and want via payroll deduction. Since then we have processed over one million orders, offered our program to more than six million people nationwide and established ourselves as an industry leader.

We have proven the viability of our program and demonstrated our value to you, our broker partners, as well as our clients and customers. This is particularly important today, because as Purchasing Power has created a new category of employee benefits, grown and succeeded, others have entered the market as competitors. While we eagerly rise to the competition, it remains clear that our depth of experience, loyal partnerships and client base are unmatched.

In any competitive situation, either party is going to be able to point out flaws in the other’s business practices.  Rest assured that Purchasing Power has done a thorough review of our competitors’ claims and business practices and we have facts and support that prove:

  • Our pricing is better
  • Our experience is unmatched
  • Our longevity is certain
  • Our flexibility is proven
  • Our policies are tested
  • Our procedures are seasoned
  • Our underwriting is optimized
  • Our commitment is unwavering
  • Our value has been demonstrated

At Purchasing Power we have earned our leadership position. We will continue to innovate and expand our program and differentiate our company from imitators and competitors. Our mission is to continue to work hard to be the best, the most trusted and the most knowledgeable company in the industry, so we can be the best partner for you.

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