Halloween, one of the oldest holidays celebrated in the world, entails dressing in costumes and trick or treating.  It’s a day you can be anything you can imagine and collect a bag of treats.  The same is true for brokers who introduce our employee purchase program and our latest products to clients – you will get the treats and reap the rewards of recurring commissions.

Jewelry is now in our product catalog!  One of the primary reasons customers use our program is to purchase gifts for family and friends.  Our customers have requested that we add jewelry and with the holidays approaching, we decided it was a good time to introduce it as our newest product offering.  We offer watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, individually and bundled with a price range of $100 to $3,000.

Musical instruments also are being added this month, including electric guitars, band and orchestra drums, acoustic guitars, keyboards and accessories.

We pioneered the concept of a computer purchase program over 12 years ago and have expanded our catalog to include over 5,000 products.  We’ve done this by listening to our customers, conducting consumer research and dialogue with our customer service representatives.  In this way, our customers have given us insight into their needs and wants and it has resulted in our product growth from computers and electronics to much, much more.

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