The four new features we’ve added to our website make your clients’ employees/members shopping experience a smoother one. We listened to what customers said they wanted and we’ve made these enhancements accordingly.

  1. Save To Your Shopping Cart. With this new feature employees/members have more time to choose. They can save the item or service they are considering to a shopping cart so they can complete their order later from any computer or device.
  2. Stay Up-to-Date with One Click. Using the My Account dashboard, customers can view a summary of their balance, spending limits, orders, documents and more.
  3. Online Account Statement – Payment Details in No Time. Customers now have access to their account statement online, in the My Account section. The account statement lists all transactions – payments, purchases, credits, etc. This makes it easier to monitor balances and control their budget.
  4. Online Document Upload – Easier Paperwork Processing. When new customers make a purchase, they no longer will need to fax documents required to verify eligibility. The My Account section now allows employees/members to scan documents and upload directly to our website. The Document Upload feature is also available for Order Confirmation.

We’re pleased to take another step in continual innovation and improvement to assure the best experience for employees/members with our program.

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