Smart Broker’s Guide to Benefits Communication

Unfortunately, as labor-intensive as it is, statistics show that the benefits booklets and benefits meeting approach just isn’t getting the job done:

  • Only 20 percent of employees think their employer communicates benefits effectively;
  • 74 percent of employees say there are things they don’t understand about their overall policies, including basic terms like deductibles, copays, or network providers; and
  • 75% of employees believe their plan options aren’t personally relevant.

How can you find the right tools for your clients? Jellyvision has published a Smart Broker's Guide to Benefits Communication that even includes a benefits communication vendor checklist.

Better benefits communication does pay off. When companies offer their employees next-level benefits communications that truly engage and educate them, the results can be dramatically different. Case in point: 76 percent of employees who say their company’s benefits communications are effective say they’re satisfied with their benefits, compared with a mere 6 percent satisfaction rate among employees who say their benefits communication is ineffective.

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