Purchasing Power recently added a portfolio of sales tools to make your job easier. Here’s a run-down of what’s been added to the broker portal:

  • Co-Branded Executive Package (NEW)– We’ve put together a package designed specifically to create urgency by
    explaining the impact of employee financial stress.  Best of all, the executive package and materials will be co-branded with your company logo and contact information. Download flyer below to learn more.
  • Reference Guide – This robust booklet was created to support you during every step of the sales process. It’s great to use at in-person meetings with your prospects as well as to share as an e-guide. The Reference Guide covers the impact of the lack of financial wellness; our products and services; the benefit value; and the employee and employee experience.
  • Financial Wellness Flyer – covers the pitfalls of traditional credit and the ways or program fills the gap for employees with limited financing options.
  • Placemat (NEW) – serves as a visual guide to our program and the problems we solve. This high-level overview is a great leave-behind.
  • Industry Snapshot Flyers (NEW) – shows your clients how well we support their industry. There are flyers for various industries including healthcare, retail, professional services, manufacturing and food service/hospitality.

Access the broker educational portal now and take a quick look so you are familiar with these exciting new tools. Go the broker portal,, enter your email address as username and the password is POWER. Modules name: Sales Tools Walk trough

If you have any questions, please contact your Purchasing Power sales lead.


Download Flyer to Learn More About the Co-Branded Executive Package

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