Top Five Reasons They Will Fall in Love with the Purchasing Power Program

While everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day differently, what matters most is the message.  When you introduce Purchasing Power to your clients, you’re sending a message that there’s a non-traditional voluntary benefit that will help them keep employees satisfied and engaged.

Here are the top five reasons for your clients to fall in love with the Purchasing Power program!

  1. Supports HR Objectives. Purchasing Power gives your clients’ benefits package the competitive edge while supporting HR objectives like retention, engagement, education, wellness, work-life balance and budgeting.
  2. High Quality.  We offer a wide selection of current model, top of the line, life-enhancing products and online education services from trusted consumer brands.
  3. Responsible Way to Buy.  Purchasing Power is a disciplined spending program that provides access to the products and services employees want. With our guaranteed acceptance, no credit check policy and no hidden fees, it gives eligible employees access to a more responsible way to buy.
  4. No Cost, No Liability.  Beyond the initial requirement to be able to administer through payroll deduction, the program has no cost or liability to the employer,  even if the employee leaves the company.
  5. Full Service Provider.  The program is a turn-key voluntary benefit that is easily administered through payroll deduction.  Purchasing Power handles the rest – program implementation, year-round employee enrollment, program marketing, employee qualification, convenient ordering and fulfillment.

Both your clients and their employees will be smitten once they experience the advantages of the Purchasing Power program.

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