Sales Tip of the month: Using Email Intelligently

By Doug Rooker, Vice President of Sales

What would we do without it? Email, that is. This month, I’d like to share some of the proven strategies first published in Stephen Schiffman’s book, 101 Successful Sales Strategies, for using email persuasively with both your prospects and current customers:

  1. It sounds kind of basic, but please use a spell-check program and be sure to review every email at least two times before you send it. For an important message, I recommend you compose it in a Word document and print out a copy. Before you send it out, ask a colleague to proofread it – checking your style, grammar and spelling, then it’s ready to cut and paste into your email free of errors.
  2. Review the content in your message closely before you send it. Ask yourself whether your email message is appropriate for ALL individuals to whom it could be forwarded in a given organization. Remember it takes just a few clicks of a keyboard for your recipient to send your message to dozens, if not hundreds of people. If you are passing along performance assessments, remarks about company politics, or even honest opinions about the people in your world or your customer’s or prospect’s world, think twice before you hit “send
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