By Cliff Kiel, Purchasing Power’s VP of Sales. Connect: 

Most of us make excuses from time to time. It’s easy to do and most of the time it’s harmless. I can usually come up with a really good excuse for not mowing the lawn or doing the dishes. But making excuses can start being a problem when we begin believing them.

There’s always plenty of excuses about missing sales goals. But sometimes our excuses are so good that we even convince ourselves that they are true. But the problem still exists.

Sales trainer Kelley Robertson’s recent article in outlines some of the excuses for not meeting sales goals. Robertson believes that after working with salespeople for almost two decades that he’s heard every excuse in the book for missed sales targets.  Here are just a few he mentioned in his article and his take on the validity of the excuse:

  1. Our prices are too high. This is one of the most common excuses. And even when companies reduce their prices, sales reps who sing the “too-expensive blues
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