I suppose as salespeople we all have times when procrastination is the issue for why we aren’t moving forward. And sometimes we probably just assume we’re having a bad day. But that’s really not it. As most salespeople know – but often hate to admit – it’s about changing our behavior.

In a recent Employee Benefit Adviser article, John Graham offered eight ideas to get the wheels moving in the right direction:

  1. Get over easy. We have to do more than what’s easy. Like taking time to cultivate and engage prospects and paying attention to details and deadlines.
  2. Turn off the autopilot. It’s easy to get to that point where we can get through the day on autopilot – avoiding change, ignoring challenges and never putting ourselves to the test. Without realizing it, we become predictable and we’re on autopilot – and that stops us from moving forward!
  3. Develop doubt. Sales gurus say it takes a strong dose of self-confidence to succeed in sales. While self-assurance is necessary, what’s really needed is a balance so we can clearly understand what’s going on with customers. Doubt keeps us sharp, alert and always on our toes.
  4. Avoid self– Overestimating our competence is both common and dangerous. Most of us have a hard time seeing ourselves as we are.
  5. Stop winging it. Winging it is what people will remember and it’s dangerous to your career health. Take the time to prepare.
  6. Never say no. If you want to move ahead, put yourself on the line and say yes when opportunities come up or you see the possibility of taking on a project or responsibility.
  7. Ditch the dated. Experience, indeed, has value. But don’t give it too much weight. When we do, our skillsets and knowledge base fall behind. Staying current takes a consistent effort. Moving forward takes a combination of both experience and present knowledge.
  8. Listen closely. It’s important to listen for patterns. There’s nothing as valuable as gathering and putting together pieces of intel, making the connections, and discovering the patterns.

Read Graham’s full article for more details on taking action to get moving forward.

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