By Cliff Kiel, Purchasing Power’s VP of Sales. Connect: 

Earlier this year, published an article by well-known success expert Brian Tracy that bears review by all of us because it focuses on perhaps the most important element of making a sale – the close. Are you missing out on sales because your closing skills need a tune-up?

Here are the four key points Brian Tracy makes about successful closing:

1.  Products and services are sold, not bought. Never assume that just because your product is great, people will buy it. In a competitive market where customers are busy with many other things, products and services must ultimately be sold. Your marketing is therefore essential to the survival and success of your business.

2.  Customers need to be asked to buy. We’ve all, at some point, felt buyer’s remorse about something we’ve bought. So has your prospect. So, no matter how much he may like your product or service, there is always a certain amount of indecision or hesitation at the point of buying. This indecision can stop the sale if you don’t handle it effectively.

The job of the professional salesperson is to help the customer through this difficult moment and into the buying decision. This ability to get the customer to take action is vital to the entire sales process.

3.  Don’t let yourself be turned away. Eighty percent of sales are closed after the fifth call or meeting. Often more than one meeting is required to make a sale, so don’t give up. Most sales are closed after the fifth time a salesperson asks a customer to make a buying decision. It is, therefore, essential that the salesperson plans the closing part of the sales conversation in advance and is prepared to ask for the order in a variety of different ways.

4.  Ask for a sale and then ask again. Fifty percent of salespeople fail to ask for the order even once in a sale. Are you asking your customers to buy your product? Don’t forget that statistics show you must ask your prospect to buy an average of five times.

Ask the prospect to buy just one more time, and your results could be immediate!

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