Sales Tip of the Month: Stay Positive, Never Focus on the Negatives

By: Doug Rooker
Vice President, Sales

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there are just some people who simply spend a lion’s share of their time (and careers) inventing and/or reinforcing obstacles.

We’ve all witnessed it – gripe sessions in the break room, behind-the-back gossip sessions, the snippy remarks on bad days. The potential topics cover the gambit. Office politics. Perceived defects in the product or service offerings. Rigorous competitions. Never-ending personal problems. And we’ve probably all talked of unfair commission schedules at some point in our careers.

Truly, it’s always something.

But don’t get me wrong, we all have problems, personal struggles and challenges every day. But some people enter the fray half-beaten, yet others enter considering the battles to be half won. Consistently optimistic is where I see most successful salespeople. I’ve learned that persistently negative outlooks breed more trouble, making it difficult for coworkers, supervisors and even customers and prospects, to work with you.

If you aren’t making sales, complaining about everything in sight is only going to exacerbate your problems. Not only will you be wasting precious time you could be using on prospects, but you will most certainly lose perspective you need to identify and resolve the struggles you are facing.

Be aware if you are falling into the trap of fixating on problems – step back, leave the preconceptions and negativity at the door. Look for fresh opportunities where none seem evident.

Selling IS difficult work, even on good days. But try to isolate problems, deal with them, and then get back to the business of selling. It’s what you do best. Doing anything else, specifically letting yourself get swept up in a negative current, is simply giving away your competitive edge. You are your own greatest asset –
stay positive.

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