By Cliff Kiel, Purchasing Power’s VP of Sales. Connect: 

As sales people, we all get stuck in auto-pilot. We tend to develop repetitive behaviors, responses or actions regardless of what is going on around us. These auto-pilot moves, responses and behaviors can help us sell more effectively but often they sabotage success because we are going through the motions.

Like any habit, our pattern of behavior is followed regularly until it becomes an automatic part of our routine. In other words, we do things we are comfortable with and we keep doing them. When we do the same thing over and over again an amazing thing happens: we get the same result over and over again!

If you’re not converting as many prospects and closing as many sales as you want to, it’s time to change your routine. As sales professionals, we need to recognize that routines can prevent us from achieving our full potential.   

Jim Keenan, founder of A Sales Guy Consulting, points out that while salespeople are the extreme athletes of the business world, for some reason too many of us plod along the same well-trodden path. Keenan says it’s time to get creative about sales – doing something other people haven’t thought of – and looking at sales problems from a totally different angle. Here are his four tips for getting creative about sales:

  1. 1.    Have the courage to be different. It takes guts to be creative. Your approach can’t be like everyone else’s, and that’s the point.
  2. Broaden your awareness. Creativity requires that you know more than the herd, so broaden your environment, your products and your customers.
  3. Switch up your environment. Position yourself in new and different places. Change inspires ideas. Read books, blogs and industry magazines outside your normal routine.
  4. Accept that anything is possible. If you start with ‘it can’t be done’ then you’re right – and the game is lost. You’ve got to believe that there are opportunities out there.

Being creative means making a commitment to do things differently and not accept traditional results.

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