Sales Tip of the Month – Read Up

By: Doug Rooker
Vice President, Sales

Quick! What kind of people read Education Week? How about Blueprint? What audience do you expect to subscribe to Ad Week? Or to American Highway Engineer?

You won’t likely find them on your local newsstand, but these publications and hundreds more like them may be the most important magazines you can get your hands on. The industry or industries we work in all have some sort of trade journal or magazine read by just about anyone of any consequence within the field. Author and corporate sales trainer Stephan Schiffman believes you can put yourself at a distinct competitive advantage in comparison with many salespeople by becoming familiar with these publications. Use them to keep abreast of industry trends. You should understand and be able to adapt to the business environment faced by your customers by reading what they read.

Some subscriptions can be expensive, but you can probably find back issues of the magazine or journal you are looking for online or perhaps at your local library.

You will find that you can get a much better understanding of the technical jargon used by your customers after following the publications for several months. The “who’s who

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