By Cliff Kiel, Purchasing Power’s Vice President, General Sales Manager. Connect: 

As experienced sales professionals, we often become too comfortable with our sales calls. It’s something that we do routinely so it’s easy to feel that we don’t need much preparation. But the fact is that sales reps who are the most successful prepare – and in more ways than one.

In his article in Inc. magazine, Barrett Riddleberger, Potential Selling’s CEO, points out that successful sales professionals prepare on multiple levels–from getting enough sleep the night before to organizing their collateral materials for a group presentation. Each item improves their chances of separating themselves from their competition and making the sale.

Great salespeople focus on exceptional execution of each step of the sales process to achieve their sales goals.

Here are Riddleberger’s five tips for preparation that you can apply immediately:

  • Write Your Questions. Never go into a sales call without having written out your “top 10 list” of good questions for qualifying or discovering a prospects perception of value.
  • Mentally Rehearse. Focus your thoughts on walking through a successful sales call–engaging with confidence, seeing yourself asking questions, presenting your solution, closing the sale.
  • Verbally Rehearse. Practice your opening statements, your value statements and your closing statements.
  • Anticipate Objections. Your prospect will have questions and objections. Generate your responses and be prepared to deliver them at the right time.
  • Relax. Relaxing keeps you more aware and on point.

 Read Riddleberg’s complete article for more detail.



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