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We all know the importance of increasing our prospect pool. The more leads we have and the more qualified prospects we call on, then the more opportunities we have to close sales.

Well, this is 2015 – soon to be 2016. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is a great lead source. In fact, LinkedIn can be a lead-generating machine. In his October 29 article in, Neil Patel points out that these killer leads don’t come flocking to you just because you show up. You have to know to attract prospects and convert them.  Here’s a summary of the techniques Patel recommends.

  1. First, widen the net. Add some big-hitter connections to your network. LinkedIn functions on the power of personal networks. By connecting to well-connected people your network grows. Refer to Patel’s article for details on how to do this using LinkedIn Open Networkers (LIONS).
  1.  Find, join, and get involved with five of the most relevant groups for your target audience. This part is the key. Find LinkedIn groups that are comprised of people in your target audience and join those groups. The more groups you join, the more discussion you engage in, and the more expert your help, the more leads you get. 
  1.  Find a cadre of targets to focus on. To take it to a personal level, you need to have connections who are within your target audience. You should be able to come up with a list of at least ten or twelve targets.
  1.  Copy and add the skills of those who are in your target audience. Identify the skills that make these targets appealing. Then, add these same skills to your own profile. Make sure that you legitimately have these skills. When you do this, then you become more similar to the target according to LinkedIn’s algorithm.
  1.  View the profiles of your connections, and connect with more people like them. Using the profile of your target, scroll down and view the right side of the screen to “People Similar to [NAME].” These are likely targets. Cautiously connect with them.
  1.  Endorse connections in your target audience. LinkedIn has a helpful feature called “Endorsements.” Every LinkedIn member can list their “top skills.” Visit the profiles of your targets, and find skills to endorse them for. When you endorse them with a single click, they receive a notification. This puts you on their radar.
  1.  Comment on events for those in your target audience. Keep a close eye on the activity section of LinkedIn’s homepage. This is where you can see what’s happening in your connections’ careers. Patel recommends taking five minutes or so each day to congratulate your connections on their job changes, anniversaries, or birthdays.

By following his techniques, Patel says leads will start coming in. Read his complete article for full detail on the LinkedIn lead generation technique.

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