By Doug Rooker, Vice President of Sales

Want to implement a successful cold call campaign?  Then follow these proven nine steps.

1. Don’t just set a daily number of calls you want to place, instead set a goal for the number of first appointments you want to maintain at all times. As you become more proficient at converting calls into appointments you can make the necessary adjustments to achieve your desired activity and income goals.

2. Your daily objective should be to set at least one new appointment. This does not include networking meetings.  Set aside the time and call for an uninterrupted period. Be sure to stay focused – don’t accept emails or any incoming calls during the block of time. Be disciplined and approach this activity with a high level of urgency.

3. If you aren’t tracking your daily dials, completed calls and appointments set – do so. As you compile your results and benchmark your activity you can assess your success and course correct as needed.

4. Do NOT stop dialing just because you are not meeting your goals. Stand up, take a break, practice your pitch, reread this article – do whatever you believe you have to do – but don’t stop!  This is especially true if you are calling within a particular industry.  Perhaps it’s time to diversify.

5. Remember the Boy Scout mantra: Be Prepared?  The same holds true for cold calling.  Always be prepared to cold call.  Have an identified lead list ready with you and use it when you have unexpected time available. Be sure not to let organizational issues get in your way like researching or prioritizing your calls between calls.  This should be done before you start calling.  Your calling time is your peak sales time.  Do your ordering and selecting work “off-peak.

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