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There was an article in The New York Times a few years ago that I’ve hung on to and take a look at from time to time.  It was written by Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle. His 10 Sales Tips are great guidelines not only for someone in sales but for all aspects of business. As an entrepreneur, Szaky says his job as CEO is to make people believe in the overall idea of his company. He points out that to accomplish that, he has to believe in it fully himself. And then his job really just becomes to share that belief and to do so with excitement. Szaky explains that whether it’s a retailer wanting to buy his product, or someone considering working for his company, or an investor interested in backing his company, it’s all about having them believe and share the same vision. It’s basically selling the idea.

So Szaky has embraced the power of sales. He believes sales is the most important part of the business because without sales there is no business.

Here are his 10 Sales Tips:

1.    You can sell only if you yourself are truly convinced. You have to believe in the product to be convincing when you discuss it.

2.    Be clear and direct. The biggest problem in sales is client confusion. Confusion does not lead to a Yes. Pride yourself on being able to explain the product quickly, clearly and as simply as possible. With Purchasing Power this should be easy to accomplish, as our broker materials provide you with this information.

3.    Pressure is an art. No one can be pushed into saying Yes.

4.    Know your client. Research potential clients. Know their challenges and their needs. You look much smarter when you know something about them.

5.    It’s all about the presentation. Building an amazing deck is critical to the sales process. Practice it, memorize it and be prepared to shift your emphasis based on how the energy changes when you give the presentation. When it comes to preparing the deck, Purchasing Power makes it easy for you as we have decks ready for you to use.

6.    Be passionate and exciting. Excitement is contagious.

7.    If you don’t know the answer, don’t guess. You’re not going to know the answer to every question and that’s OK. Find the answer later and get back to them.

8.    Answer questions directly and clearly. Don’t give a ‘politician’s answer’ or a non-answer, as your credibility will decline and you won’t get the sale.

9.    Humor is a great lubricator. Funny stories always break the ice.

10.  You can always be better. We all can. Sales is an art, not a science. So continue to hone your art!

Much of the sale is up to you, but Purchasing Power is here to help. Make sure you review our sales materials and broker education portal that we have available for you.

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