Sales Tip Of The Month: A Sure Thing? Not So Fast!

By: Doug Rooker, Vice President, Sales

There’s a saying in baseball about never taking your eye off the ball. That same advice can apply to salespeople who get so excited about a big sale they think is all sewn up that they stop prospecting too soon, or altogether.

Healthy enthusiasm is a good thing. But when you spend hours dreaming about how you are going to spend the commission from the new deal, watch out! Those very dreams could be costing you money, because they are nibbling away at time you should be spending diligently developing new customers. Those dreams are letting you justify being complacent, and complacency is a salesperson’s worst enemy – even if things on the horizon look encouraging.

Salespeople, in general, thrive on hope. When you’ve been turned down or turned away all day long, sometimes weeks at a time, it’s very tempting to treat the first palpable nibble you get as ‘the big one you’ve been waiting for.’ Just remember, you have to keep going. Make calls to set appointments. Set appointments to make your pitch. Sometimes prospects bite – others only reject your proposition. But if you don’t make the calls, you’ll never snag the big one or even a mid-size customer.

Of course it can be disappointing if the ‘big one’ doesn’t come through, but it’s really no problem if you put adequate effort in on both ends of the cycle – the daily calls to countless prospects and the one that’s close. There will always be other ‘big ones’ waiting for you down the line.

So goes the saying, keep your eye on the ball and don’t get fooled by ‘sure things.’

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