Sales Tip of the Month: 5 Ways Brokers can Personalize the Client Experience

Customizing…personalization…we’ve heard those words a lot lately in the benefit arena and for good reason. Consumers expect purchasing experiences to be relevant and tailored to their needs and objectives, whether they are at Starbuck’s or choosing their voluntary benefits.

In the business of employee benefits, using a personalized approach with your clients is all about building and nurturing relationships – using what you know about your clients to make relevant recommendations.

Bruce Hentschel’s article provides five keys to personalizing the client experience:

  1. Personalize, just don’t customize. You could offer a long list of options to your clients to choose what they think will work best. That’s customization. Or, you could shape what you offer based on the relationships you’ve built and what you know about your clients – that’s personalizing.
  2. Bring analytics to life. To adjust the way your work with your clients, include information about the client’s industry, benefit goals, past purchasing history, employee population and demographics and products currently offered. You’ll be able to better meet their needs and fulfill their goals.
  3. Nuture client relationships. Make transparency and responsiveness your priorities. Meet with your clients face-to-face as often as you can. Speaking with them in person helps you discover new needs and opportunities as your work together to develop employee benefit strategies.
  4. Eliminate the script. It goes without saying. Personal connections go farther.
  5. Include personalization capabilities in what you offer. Recommend employee benefit programs that incorporate the ability to personalize, such as solutions tailored to the company’s industry, location and size; personalized enrollment options; and local service specialists who can assist with your clients’ unique needs.
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