Purchasing Power Expands Product Line with Popular Offerings

Tablet computers, e-readers, patio furniture and more!

Hot, new consumer products, like tablet computers and eReaders, are now available through Purchasing Power’s employee purchase program. Also among the 36 unique brand name products recently added are furniture accessories, grills, patio furniture, vacuums, lawn mowers and lawn tractors just in time for spring!

Here’s the lineup of brands in the new product categories:

  • Tablet computers and eReaders: Apple, Archos, Coby, Dell, Lenovo and Viewsonic
  • Grills: Kenmore
  • Patio furniture: Ty Pennington, Garden Oasis, Country Living
  • Lawn mowers and lawn tractors: Craftsman

Encourage your customers to offer Purchasing Power’s continual product line expansion for their employees’ benefit. And be sure to tell prospective customers that Purchasing Power’s employee purchase program stays current with the newest products available from brand name companies. For more information, please go to www.PurchasingPower.com.

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