At Purchasing Power, we are always striving to continuously improve our industry leading employee purchase program. Serving more than 7 million employees in the U.S. and 260+ clients, we listen to feedback and make sure we meet the needs of our brokers/clients as well as employee/member customers.

The following is a brief overview of new innovations we will be launching in April. Please contact your Purchasing Power Account Executive or Sales Lead if you have additional questions.

Multiple payment terms to pay over time. Purchasing Power is providing employees with the option of multiple payment terms when placing their orders. We often receive requests from customers to pay off orders earlier. The option of a shorter payment term gives employees the flexibility they are requesting. They can determine the payment term that fits their unique budget and situation.

Payment terms now available include 12 months and 6 months (new!). The new 6 month payment term option will launch in early April.

Call center partner transition. As we continue to focus on elevating the employee/member program experience, we’re excited to announce that we’ve selected a new partner in front-line service delivery – PCCW Teleservices. We believe strongly that our new partnership with PCCW is the right move for us, your clients and their employees. PCCW works with top brands across the U.S., and will provide us improved support, flexible staffing and coverage and the expansion to digital chat. The transition to PCCW Teleservices began in February and should be complete in early April.

Customer referral program. We are bringing back Refer & Earn!  In late Q2, we will begin slowly rolling out the referral program that we had years ago in a new, updated fashion.  We expect the program to be available to all Purchasing Power members by Q4. The updated Refer & Earn program will be very simple.  When a customer refers a new customer to Purchasing Power, they will earn a VISA gift card.  Keep an eye out for additional information.


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