Our New Resource for Your Clients Provides Financial Lessons for Children of their Employees

Because we realize that helping employees overcome some of their financial challenges is only part of the solution to greater financial flexibility, we’ve introduced FUTURE POWER: Financial Lessons for Young People to pave the way for future generations as well.

We’re partnering with Junior Achievement USA (JA) to provide financial education materials geared to the school-age children of our customers. Available for free on the Purchasing Power website, these materials are designed as conversation starters for parents to teach their children basic financial understanding so that they are empowered to make good financial decisions as they move forward in life.

The program includes seven downloadable modules that parents can use to educate their children about the importance of savvy shopping and saving, car buying 101, managing a check ledger, career exploration and more. Interested students/families wanting additional educational material can access further tools, resources and local-market student activities promoted at JA’s national website.

For several years, our platform of free online financial tools and resources has been available to educate and enable our customers to improve their own financial wellness. Purchasing Power wants to encourage parents to raise financially-responsible children and grandchildren. So now we’re making these new tools available to our customers to teach their children with age-appropriate exercises that can offer a head-start to developing an understanding of how to manage money.

Check out this short video for an overview of the program and why Purchasing Power is offering it to your clients: Purchasing Power/JA Announcement.

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