We are very proud to announce that in 2015, Purchasing Power’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 57, a 20 percent increase over our 2014 score. The NPS system, used by companies nationwide, is a two-question survey that enables organizations to measure the customer experience on a monthly basis. An NPS rating of 50+ is considered excellent.

Every month we gather customer feedback for the previous month. Measuring the customer experience in real-time is important to us so we know how we are doing. And, by listening to our customers’ feedback, we can address issues to better serve them.

Our rating didn’t improve 20 percent over last year because we were lucky. We take client feedback seriously and take action on it. Here are some examples of how we improved the customer experience in 2015:

  • Because 45% of our customers were already using mobile devices to access our website and more than half of those visitors were proceeding with shopping, we launched a mobile-optimized website and app to make it easier to engage with our program.
  • To allow employees/members to determine a payment term that fits their unique budget and situation, we began providing a 6-month payment term, in addition to the 12-monthterm that we’ve always offered.
  • A new, self-service return process allows employees/members to process returns and exchanges through the website.
  • The account statement lists all transactions – payments, purchases, credits, etc., making it easier to monitor balances and keep control of budgeting.
  • The My Account dashboard allows employees/members to view a summary of their balance, spending limits, orders and documents.
  • Documents can now be uploaded to the website and a save-to-your-shopping-cart feature was added.

Be sure to reach out to your sales lead if you have any questions on these enhancements.

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