To help support work-life balance for your clients’ employees, we recently introduced Vacation Packages as a new product category in the Purchasing Power line.Employees can choose from hotels, cruises, destination resorts and all-inclusive resorts.

Work-life balance is an important HR objective. Taking a vacation – having complete time away – can be one of the healthiest steps to take in achieving work-life balance. Studies show that productivity, morale, health, energy and creativity are given a boost by taking vacations.

Through our payroll-deduction, voluntary benefit program, employees can get out of town by choosing among cruises to the Bahamas; all-inclusive resort stays in Cancun; a destination resort vacation to Orlando that includes a $500 Disney card; and hotels to choose from in Bermuda, Boston, Scottsdale, Santa Monica and more!

As part of our goal to provide life-enhancing products and services that power our customers to a better life, Purchasing Power is continuously optimizing our product offering based on feedback from our customers and clients. We believe it is important to provide products that employees want and need and that we help them budget more responsibly to acquire them. Thus, we added vacations to our offerings.

Our employee purchase program promotes disciplined purchasing through manageable payments; a 12-month payment term; and pre-set spending limits and controls to prevent over-spending. For the employee, there is no down payment or ballooning interest, no late fees and no additional fees beyond the all-inclusive price.

Be sure to reinforce this new product offering to your clients! They can access details at


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