Adding employee discount and purchase programs gives employers a more competitive employee benefits strategy. Our latest white paper covers the three different types of these programs – merchant discount, employee discount and employee purchase programs. All three provide a means for employees to obtain items and services of their choosing. There is little or no direct cost to employers and very minimal, if any, administrative costs for these programs.  

What’s available, how do they work and are they here to stay? That’s the topic discussion in “The Definitive Guide to Employee Discount and Purchase Programs,” our new white paper. It also includes results of our latest Harris Poll of employees working full-time:

  • 82 percent of employees working full-time have financial stress;
  • 34 percent have had trouble meeting monthly household expenses;
  • 30 percent were not able to make all the major purchases that they or their family wanted/needed in the past year;
  • 40 percent don’t have at least $2,000 in emergency savings for unexpected expenses; and
  • 37 percent spend 2-3 hours per week at work thinking about or dealing with their personal finances.

Click here to download the new white paper “The Definitive Guide to Employee Discount and Purchase Programs.

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