No Need to be Scared: Our Customer Satisfaction Score is Ranked “Excellent”

In the most recent ranking, Purchasing Power’s Customer Satisfaction Score hit an all-time high. Our 2015 Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 57, a 20 percent increase over our 2014 score. An NPS rating of 50+ is considered excellent.

The NPS system, used by companies nationwide, is a two-question survey that enables organizations to measure the customer experience on a monthly basis. NPS has been widely adopted with more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using this method.

Every month we gather customer feedback for the previous month. Measuring the customer experience in real-time is important to us so we know how we are doing. And, by listening to our customers’ feedback, we can address issues to better serve them. Our rating didn’t improve 20 percent over last year because we were lucky. We take client feedback seriously and take action on it.

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