New White Paper: The New Way to Customize Benefits Means Going Beyond the Generations

There is more to customizing benefits than age alone. Within the generations there are varying lifestyles and buying preferences that dictate what benefits are important to them.

As a broker, you can assist your clients by learning about the personas within the generations and their varying preferences for voluntary benefits. This way, you can structure a benefit package for your clients that makes a difference in attracting and retaining talent. Non-traditional voluntary benefits especially provide the opportunity to offer the ultimate customization approach to the workforce.

“Beyond the Generations: Ultimate Customization Matching Voluntary Benefits to Segments within Generations” is Purchasing Power’s newest white paper. It shows the new way to match voluntary benefits to employees’ diverse for a more effective total rewards strategy.

This white paper:

  • Discusses the new way to customize benefits for today’s workforce;
  • Defines the different personas within the generations;
  • Outlines the non-traditional voluntary benefits that each persona prefers; and
  • Helps determine benefit offerings based on the makeup of the workforce so employers succeed in recruitment and retention efforts.


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