New White Paper: A Quick-Reference Guide to Millennials and the workplace

It’s not easy understanding this complicated generation that is unlike any of the generations that preceded them. Figuring out how to recruit, work with and retain engagement with Millennials may be one of the biggest challenges organizations face today.

To help, we’ve just released the first of our Generation Insights Series and it focuses on Millennials. "Our Guide to Millennials: Hiring Them and Keeping Them"  highlights who Millennials are as well as their thoughts on the workplace, the benefits they want most and the best methods to engage them.

Although they are stereotyped in many ways, the key to recruiting and keeping Millennials is understanding them, recognizing what motivates them, and then addressing their differences.

Purchasing Power’s Guide highlights ‘Millennials and Work,’ including such topics as how they look at flexibility, their job and compensation, their manager, performance reviews, changing jobs, retirement, and personal financial stress and how it affects their job. The ‘Benefits that Matter’ section covers what’s important to Millennials in traditional benefits, overall benefit options, development opportunities and financial wellness. Since Millennials are less likely to know about their employee benefits than other generations, the section on ‘Engaging Millennials’ with their benefits focuses on methods of how to communicate with them effectively.

This Guide is a valuable resource not only for brokers but is also a great tool to share with your clients.

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