New website Functionalities for employees

As part of our ongoing innovation and program improvement, we are excited to announce that, on October 17th, we are releasing 2 new features on our website that will improve the customer experience for your  clients’ employees and members.

They will give customers access to the information they value and increase control.

First, is an updated My Account dashboard. It will give customers access to their account statement online. Previously, customers had to request account balances and payment information.  Now the account statement will list all transactions – purchase, payments, credits, etc. Each payment will include details using the information provided by your clients or their  TPA’s – date of payroll deduction and amount.

Second, is Document Upload functionality. The enhanced My Account section will allow employees and members to upload their documents directly to our website.

Purchasing Power is committed to continual innovation and improvement and giving your clients the best experience. We look forward to announcing more exciting features in the near future!

If you have questions, please do hesitate to reach out to your sales lead.

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