New Tool for Your Clients Provides Deep Dive into Three Generations and the Benefits They Want

Brokers have a new resource to assist their clients in understanding the three main generations in the workforce and what it takes to retain them. Guide to Retaining the Three Largest Generations in Today’s Workforce,” the latest release in our Generation Insight Series of White Papers, takes a deep dive into defining their worlds; describing their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in the workplace; and outlining the benefits that are important to them.

Today’s workforce is a blended one. Just as blended families have a steep learning curve, so does a company trying to blend generations who work together. To effectively retain this blended workforce, employers need to understand what makes each of the three main generations tick. By understanding generational differences in workstyles and motivation, employers can retain workers and, ultimately, achieve company goals.

With such a diverse workplace, employers can no longer provide one-size-fits-all benefits. Just as the three generations’ life attitudes and workplace behaviors vary, so do their preference for benefits. A broad benefits portfolio that appeals to each generation positions a business as a company that listens, cares and is worth working for. Adding voluntary benefits is one method of providing a broader portfolio and employees don’t mind paying for the specialized benefits they want.

Download this new White Paper Now and share it with your clients as a conversation starter in planning their benefit offerings for 2019.

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