Laying a strong academic foundation is critical to a child’s future success.  To help with that, we recently added online tutoring for middle and high school students through Pearson Tutor Services. 

Your clients’ employees who have middle and high school students now have access to the convenience of online tutoring for schoolwork in math, biology, physics and chemistry through Purchasing Power’s Learning Solutions line of educational services.

According to Pearson, 47 percent of parents say their students struggle in school with certain subjects.  Now, with this new offering, parents can use the convenience of payroll deduction through our employee purchase program to provide students the extra help they need. Tutoring services can be purchased in a block of 5 hours or in 3-, 6- or 12-month unlimited increments to support the student through their learning journey.

So talk it up!  Take advantage of the opportunity to boost your earnings by informing your clients of this exciting new offering so they can pass the news on to their employees. This year should be a great Back to School promotion with not only the availability of computer products, but the addition of Learning Solutions.


Download Flyer & Start Sharing this Exciting New Product with Your Clients Today!

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