New technology has been injected into the workplace at an exponentially increasing rate over the last few decades. For most companies, new technology has been the means to increase profit margins and to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

But your clients’ HR departments have been spinning with the consequences of technology in the workplace changing so fast.  It means educating employees on the new technology and also monitoring their use of it.  When the internet was first introduced, no one foresaw that it would be a distraction to the employee’s workday and that many organizations would end up monitoring an employee’s internet usage.

Today, many companies have procedures to monitor an employee’s internet usage to assure that they are not engaging in personal use during the workday.  In the last few years companies have also instituted social media policies.  And with whatever new technology is on the horizon, there will likely be even more challenges for HR.

You can help employers with one method of dealing with employee personal use of a workplace computer –introduce Purchasing Power’s employee purchase program.  For those employees who don’t have a computer or home – or the ‘latest and greatest’ model, it’s a way to obtain that product in a disciplined spending program.  And, it’s a great way for employers to extend their benefits offerings without incurring additional employer-paid premiums.

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