How brokers can encourage employee vacations

Employees just aren’t taking time off like they should. They’re not using all of their paid time off and are taking fewer getaway vacations. And studies show that isn’t beneficial for them or for their employer. Brokers can help clients improve their bottom line and achieve a better work-life balance for their employees by offering a voluntary benefit program that addresses one of the biggest issues behind not taking off: the cost of getting away.

According to Expedia’s 2013 Vacation Deprivation Study, 59 percent of Americans feel vacation-deprived. They aren’t using all of their vacation days and when they do, many aren’t actually getting away from it all. There are various reasons that vacation days go unused — failure to plan, financial worry, forgetfulness, or the feeling that one is required at work. However, the irony is that rested employees are more productive employees, so taking regular vacations may well help the company more than failing to do so.

What drives Americans to work such long hours and take few vacations? One explanation is that American workers are intrinsically “workaholics.

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