Holiday Shopping Trends Detailed for Sales and Products

Americans plan to spend $1,175 on their holiday shopping this year, 12 percent more than they did in 2015, according to The Rubicon Project’s 2016 holiday shopping report. Nearly 75 percent of the survey respondents plan to shop online and more than 33 percent say they will shop on mobile this holiday season.

But our customers spent more than that last year on their holiday shopping – an average of $1,395. Through our employee purchase plan, your clients’ employees are able to keep their debt low and their holiday spirits high. Instead of using Purchasing Power, if they had used credit cards for their purchases and didn’t pay off the full amount within one month, they would have fallen into the trap of spending significantly more than the cost of the gift due to double-digit interest.

Our most popular product categories for spending last year were electronics, computers and televisions, with MacBooks and Smart TVs topping most lists. This holiday season, we anticipate cellphones, gaming consoles and virtual reality gear will be especially strong sellers, as well as laptops and computers.

According to The Rubicon project, parents plan to spend $495 per child this holiday season, up 25 percent 2015. Our records show that the top 5 categories of kids’ products that sold during last year’s holiday season were:

  1. Hoverboards and Transportation (electric skateboards, scooters, rocket skates, etc.)
  2. Pretend Play
  3. Educational Toys
  4. Dolls
  5. Ride Ons
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