Fit Employees Are Productive Employees

Obesity and related health issues drive companies’ medical premiums up. Companies are struggling to provide affordable health care coverage to their employees. To help employees live healthier lifestyles, many companies are putting wellness programs in place.

Healthier lifestyles through regular exercise can help employees prevent obesity and associated diseases while also improving stamina and focus. For employers, this may translate to:

  • Reduced medical costs
  • Fewer sick days taken
  • Increases in workplace productivity
  • Improved mental health

However, between shift work, family commitments, general access issues and membership costs, exercising at a gym may be a larger burden for some employees. So, how do employers encourage more of today’s diverse workforce to participate in companies’ wellness programs?

Home exercise. It’s a great alternative to gym memberships. Be sure to let your clients know about Purchasing Power’s exercise equipment offerings including elliptical trainers, exercise cycles and treadmills. Our employee purchase program can really help jumpstart any home exercise program. By making manageable payments over just 12 months through automatic payroll deductions, employees can purchase fitness equipment, many with extended warranties and virtual personal training accessories included.

Employers who embrace this program will quickly see how much employees appreciate the access to a convenient and affordable payment plan through payroll deduction. In turn, employers will appreciate the increase in wellness and workplace productivity as well as the decrease in health care costs.

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