While our employee purchase program encourages responsible buying, we also believe it’s important for workers to have the information and tools to help reduce debt, budget effectively, improve credit and plan for a financially secure future.

Because we understand the importance of reducing financial stress, we’ve partnered with two financial experts, Quizzle and Bill Cheeks, to share their knowledge of personal and household budgeting through thought-provoking articles. With these tools, employees can access practical tips on how to improve their credit score, read their credit report, and take control of their financial future.

By clicking on the button on our website, employees can get a free credit report and score. A number of financial wellness articles are available on our website, such as:

  •  How to Pay Off Your Credit Card, Student Loan and Mortgage Faster
  • 7 Steps to Achieving Financial Independence
  • 4 Tips For Merging Finances Before You Say ‘I Do’
  • What’s the Best Financial Advice Your Dad Ever Gave You?
  • Barriers To Change: Addressing 6 Reasons You Are Unable To Save
  • Are You Game for the Spending Freeze Challenge?
  • 4 Ways to Establish an Emergency Fund
  • Preparing Your Adult Child to Move Out of Mom and Dad’s House
  • Eco-Friendly Tips To Reduce Your Utility Bills
  • Simple Ways to Save for Your Summer Vacation
  • Save or Splurge? How to Responsibly Spend Your Tax Refund
  • Time To Spring Clean Your Finances
  • 6 Steps To Better Understanding Your Credit
  • How To Create A Spending Plan

Make sure your clients are promoting the financial wellness tools and information available on our website to their employees at

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