This is National Employee Wellbeing Month, spotlighting the workplace’s role in helping to create healthy employees. Because healthy employees drive a company’s success, their HR departments work hard to boost employee engagement and well-being.

As a benefits broker, you can help your clients get on a path to healthier, more productive employees so that the company meet its business goals.

The purpose of National Employee Wellbeing Month is to remind us that wellbeing is more than wellness. The key to boosting engagement is taking a holistic approach and building a wellness program that supports all aspects of employees’ lives. Do your clients’ wellness programs support all aspects of employees’ lives – physical, emotional, social and financial?

You are helping your client with a solution to creating a holistic wellness offering by recommending Purchasing Power as a voluntary benefit.

Our employee purchase program provides addresses financial health two ways – 1) by providing a method to purchase items and services without regard to credit and in a disciplined budget manner, and 2) our online financial wellness platform provides tools and resources that focus on budgeting; saving; paying down debt; setting goals and practicing healthy financial habits. The services are available at no cost to employers and are free to their employees with the exception of a fee to use alternative credit reporting.

A recent survey of employees who have accessed the platform since it began last August shows that the top two reasons workers registered to use Purchasing Power’s financial wellness platform is for credit score improvement and debt reduction. Even better, 70 percent indicate their expectations were met or exceeded by the free, value-added platform.

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