Recent evidence reported in an April 2 article in HREOnline.com showing women use fewer out-of-office benefits than men points to an overall and overriding point, experts say: Work/life isn’t just about women and kids anymore.

The Work and Well-Being Survey, released in March by the American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence, not only finds the majority of workers stressed out, stuck in their jobs, underpaid and not listened to when it comes to their non-work needs — it also finds only 37 percent of women regularly use employee benefits designed to help them meet demands outside the office, compared to 42 percent of men.

Gender nuances and differences aside, this study and others before it point to a growing need for employers to take more seriously all the life demands of all workers, the article says.

Employees need help balancing their desire to do well professionally while also meeting their personal needs and the needs of their families. Today, having both parents work outside the home is the norm.  Employees have to deal with issues such as caring for elderly parents and raising children which don’t stop during the workday so it ultimately affects employee morale, productivity and turnover.

Organizations need to find ways to reduce stress and provide flexible work options for employees who are dealing with everyday issues or may have a crisis in their personal life.  Flexible, out-of-office benefits are one way to enable employees to better balance their work and personal life.

Remind your clients that financial stress also affects employees’ productivity.   Employers can help with their workers’ financial wellness by offering our employee purchasing program as a voluntary benefit, allowing them to obtain products and services through payroll deduction.

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