Employers can empower their employees and their families to a better life through a variety of online educational services available through our employee purchase program.  Our Back to School promotion starts soon for our full product line, and this year our Learning Solutions services will be part of the promotion!

For adults in the workforce looking to return to school, some financial relief may come from their employer through tuition assistance.  But tuition assistance is not enough to cover the cost.   Many employers currently provide some form of tuition assistance programs, but they have been forced to cut some of this benefit due to increasing expense.  Core classes are excluded from most tuition assistance programs and family members cannot utilize educational assistance programs.

Many workers need affordable education for themselves and their families today.  Empowering employees with education benefits through our Learning Solutions offering can be a valuable addition to a benefits package.                 

Online educational services available through Learning Solutions include not only college courses, but also SAT/ACT prep and tutoring courses, professional certification courses, and high school and career diplomas.  The programs are offered at competitive prices which the employee pays for over 12-months of payroll deductions, giving the employee the chance to graduate debt-free.

Providing online educational services through employee purchase programs helps employers meet their employee attraction and retention strategies.

Share this infographic with your clients to illustrate the need for Learning Solutions. Download Now!



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