Customer Survey Boasts High Ratings for Purchasing Power Program – 87 Percent Believe It Improves Work-Life Balance

Purchasing Power’s employee purchase program is having a significant and positive impact on workers, according to 600 respondents to an online customer survey conducted last month to gain insight into what aspects of the program resonate with employees and employers.

The survey showed:

✓    93 percent of Purchasing Power customers agree or somewhat agree that having
access to Purchasing Power helps reduce their financial pressures and stress.

✓    75 percent believe the program makes them a more productive employee.

✓    87 percent attest to it improving their work-life balance through leisure and

✓    85 percent agree that Purchasing Power supports their education needs for
themselves or their families.

✓    94 percent agree that having access to Purchasing Power adds convenience or
efficiency in their homes.

“Nearly three-quarters of the respondents commented that Purchasing Power increases their overall satisfaction with their employers,

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