COMPANY UPDATES: Self-Serve Returns Process, Spanish Language Customer Support and Award.

Self-Serve Returns Process. In our continual efforts to provide gold-standard customer service, we recently launched self-serve returns for parcel items which are delivered by UPS. Items in new, unused condition or items that arrive damaged or defective can be returned through a simple, online process that prints out a pre-paid UPS shipping label. i2-customer-self-servicesReplacement items for ones delivered damaged or defective can also be requested online. Self-Serve Returns are much faster than our previous process and allow customers to return items and stop deductions/get credit as quickly as possible.

Replacements for freight orders that arrive damaged or defective will be faster now as well. However, customers will still have to call in for a freight return. Unlike UPS-shipped returns, we will not hold a freight replacement shipment until the original item being returned is in transit. Freight replacements are swapped – the freight carrier picks the original item being returned at the same time the replacement is delivered. This is an effort to assist our customers in not having to take off of work multiple times due to receiving a damaged or defective item.


Spanish Language Customer Support. To better serve our Hispanic customers, we now have Spanish-speaking customer service agents available to handle telephone calls and customer inquiries submitted online.


Final-Awards-Icon-150x150Non-Traditional Provider of the Year. 
Purchasing Power has been named the Non-Traditional Benefits Solutions Provider of the Year by the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC).  We were recognized for our innovation, customer service and leadership. It’s an honor to be recognized and we will continue to be the best partner we can be to our brokers, clients and customers!

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