Our on-demand Deep Dive Series webinars are designed to share the latest initiatives to make a difference in your commission check. Our newest webinar, “2016 Trends That Boost Your Business” is available for listening now.

Statistics show brokers are writing increasingly more voluntary benefits cases. How are they doing it and how can you differentiate yourself? Learn what the current trends in voluntary benefits mean for your business during this short webinar. Tips are offered on how to think like a consultant, enhancing your client relationships, providing greater employee satisfaction for your clients and increasing your revenue stream at the same time. The webinar also reveals the disconnect in perception of voluntary benefits in the employers’ mind vs. the employees’ mind.

Be sure to listen to the “2016 Trends that Boost Your Business” webinar and take advantage of these valuable tips.

And congratulations to Jillian L. from King of Prussia, PA – the winner of the Apple Watch!

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