There’s been lots of talk lately about brokers’ concern over their future because of health care reform and possibly leaving the industry, but the fact is there’s just a different type of opportunity.  The new broker role focuses more on helping employers with their HR objectives than it does on simply presenting a variety of products for the employee benefits plan.  It involves assisting employers in understanding health care reform and its impact on their employee benefits plans, and providing guidance on a number of benefits trends.

Additionally, it means educating them on the status of their employees’ financial well-being today, its impact on the company, and the various ways including voluntary benefits, like Purchasing Power, that employers can help employees improve their financial wellness.

Reliable, experienced partners are key to your success with your clients.  We have proven the viability of our program and demonstrated our value to you, our broker partners, as well as our clients and customers. This is particularly important today, because as Purchasing Power has created a new category of employee benefits, grown and succeeded, others have entered the market as competitors. While we eagerly rise to the competition, it remains clear that our depth of experience, loyal partnerships and client base are unmatched.

Since our founding 12 years ago, Purchasing Power has processed over one million orders, offered our program to more than six million people nationwide and established ourselves as an industry leader.

At Purchasing Power we have earned our leadership position. We will continue to innovate and expand our program. Our mission is to continue to work hard to be the best, the most trusted and the most knowledgeable company in the industry, so we can be the best partner for you.

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