If you haven’t already accessed the latest sales tools available in our broker portal, now is the time to do so! Here are some of the tools that have been added recently:

  • Reference Guide – This robust booklet was created to support you during every step of the sales process. It’s great to use at in-person meetings with your prospects as well as to share electronically. The Reference Guide covers the impact of the lack of financial wellness; our products and services; the benefit value; and the employee and employee experience.
  • Financial Wellness Flyer – The flyer covers the pitfalls of traditional credit and the ways or program fills the gap for employees with limited financing options.
  • Placemat –The placemat serves as a visual guide to our program and the problems we solve. This high-level overview is a great leave-behind.
  • Industry Snapshot Flyers– These show your clients how well we support their industry. There are flyers for various industries including healthcare, retail, professional services, manufacturing and food service/hospitality.

Access the broker educational portal now and take a quick look so you are familiar with these exciting new tools. Go the broker portal,, enter your email address as username and the password is POWER. Modules name: Sales Tools Walk through

If you have any questions, please contact your Purchasing Power sales lead.

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