Broker Education Portal Offers New Tools

Our Broker Education Portal is chock full of tips to help you introduce Purchasing Power for the first time to a client or to follow-up with an existing client. The newest module, Beyond Basics 4: Sales Tools Walkthrough provides sales tools to support you throughout the entire sales process.

This new module walks you through available sales tools and how to use them. Some are leave-behinds and others are presentation materials for your use. Many of the tools can be downloaded for the portal. Others, such as kitted materials and the Reference Guide, can be obtained through your sales lead.

Among the materials are informational flyers, infographics, white papers and even content for emails.

The Broker Portal includes two series of modules: Basics and Beyond Basics. Basics consists of a Purchasing Power overview and sections on prospecting, initial introduction, follow-up and closing. Beyond Basics covers products and services as well as the sales tools walkthrough.

To access the Broker Portal, you will need login credentials. Let us know if you need them. If you already have your login credentials, you can access the Broker Portal at any time at

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