As Vice President of Account Management, Christy DeFrain believes we’re all in this together and that working as team, aligning the sales and account management functions, benefits all involved and yields superb client and customer service.

Christy joined us about six months ago, bringing 15 years of employee benefits experience to her new position. She believes the path to success is all about solving your clients’ problems – one of which is that employee financial stress is negatively affecting their productivity and retention, as well as causing healthcare costs to increase.

Our program addresses some of the biggest financial challenges that employees face – 44 percent don’t have access to at least $2,000 in case of an emergency; 48 percent are unable to make the major purchases they need; and 33 percent spend time at work dealing with personal financial issues. Employees who are financially stressed are more likely to put off doctor visits, experience health problems or look for higher-paying positions elsewhere.

By offering your clients our program, you’re helping them address these issues. With 94 percent of our customers saying that our program reduces financial stress, it’s easy to see how our program solves some of your clients’ biggest problems.

“As Elizabeth Halkos points out in her 2015 Forecast story in this issue, next year will see increasing popularity of financial wellness-based, non-traditional voluntary benefits. Aligning yourself with a provider that also includes education tools to improve their workers’ financial literacy will position you as a valuable resource for your clients,

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